How to stay lean and healthy while eating at home?

Thanks to the coronavirus, we have been forced to transit from working from office to working from home. Unfortunately, this has radically changed the way we live, work and play. For some, we are forced to stay at home, for others, we have to learn how to prepare our own meals. The change has unfortunately also caused our life to become more hectic, and by extension, our fitness and nutrition more out of control.

If you have been used to your old lifestyle, stress from work and family might be distracting you from getting back on routine. Thankfully, while the environment has changed, the basic principles of fitness and nutrition has not. While we may not may not be able to excel with our fitness depending on our goals, it is totally possible to maintain your current fitness and keep your body fat reasonably within where you are right now, possibly even bringing it lower. To help you advance, here are my top 3 tips on how to stay lean and healthy while eating at home. While they are simple, they are practical and actionable right away. Continue Reading

MOOD SWINGS: How to deal with it?

We are all going through extreme mood swings and are finding it tough to manage our fitness. So I will share on how to deal with it!!

Many people are suffering from poor health condition nowadays because of lack of physical activity during the lock-down. You may develop a medical condition if you switch from extreme happiness to an extreme depression state of mind on a regular basis. (Health condition: depression can be normal and is only an indicator of underlying diseases when feelings become excessive all consuming and interfere with daily living). Continue Reading