With the current focus of the world on the two most important aspects of life WELLNESS AND HEALTH, there has been a paradigm shift in the thought process of people all over the world. While the gyms have not opened and there is less likelihood of the gyms opening in the next few weeks as well which has left a complete sector in despair, still the focus on wellness has had a positive impact on the industry. Especially the nutrition and supplements industry.

There has been a huge rise in the number of the users of the products catering to wellness and fitness. In the present situation, the use of supplements and consumption has also radically increased. While earlier a target client for a sports nutrition was only 1 member out of a family of 4, now all the members are using and consuming it. It is especially true in the case of products such as VITAMIN C, ZINC, FIBERS etc. And even though the offline work has been impacted, the online sales have depicted a conspicuous increase in the demand of the wellness products. With the fact that we all have adulterated food and there is not much purity in the food that we eat, it is imperative to have supplements to complete the nutritional requirements of the body.

A good stack of supplements is definitely important to have a good immunity. We must also have natural immunity booster food products in our day to day life. Many sports nutrition companies have just added a whole lot of immunity boosters to their current catalogues, as that is the demand of the present time. This is a very positive and encouraging step for the industry. Brands are reaching out to people and the target clientele is increasing manifold.

EXERCISE, Physical activity and its innumerable benefits are well known to all. Yet there was a miniscule percentile of people who inculcated it in their lives. That number has increased now, and every house hold you can see more and more people inclining towards any form of physical activity, be it exercising, yoga, aerobics. This has also set a new requirement for home-based trainings, and online trainings. In fact it’s a new opportunity for the trainers to start with their online sessions and group classes online. And not only workout but they can offer a complete nutritional guidance to all their clients. Initially the demand might be sparse as people may not be very keen to either spend or have this regularly. But once the acceptance comes that this is the new normal and being careful and conscious is the need of the hour, we shall see the concept of home trainings and guidance a growing one.

PREVENTIVE CARE is always better than CURATIVE care and
that is what everyone has learnt in a tough lesson though…. Hope we all remember the lesson and that it stays with us.

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